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Hello there!


I’m a ‘Thing-finder’, a bricoleur, a visual storyteller.

Welcome to‘my place’ on the web of the world! I hope you enjoy your time here among my artworks.

I’m a full-time artist-tutor working from my beloved ‘bower-bird’ studio on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland Australia.

I work with simple soulful things; calico, used textiles, brown paper, muslin, twigs, leaves, pods and stones, string, ephemera and broken discarded objects.

As a bricoleur, I retell and reinvent stories using layers of materials, I relish the process of creating art from the found. I combine diverse materials by deconstructing, reconstructing, marking, layering, and stitching to create new stories. 


The main themes of my work are narrative, the natural world, and explorations of the human condition, I draw from personal and family histories and experiences, seeking the stories and energies contained within the objects and materials.

My practice is centred around the Buddhist words of: mottainai and Shinto.

‘Mottainai’ – don’t waste what nature has given you relates to the motto ‘waste not want not’, which has been passed down to me from my parents and grandparents - this has become my way of being too.
‘Shinto’ – objects have souls, I believe the found pieces I work with have energies within them, they have experienced past lives and they have a ‘voice’, if I listen to what they are saying to each other I know where they want to be in my artworks.

My work is tactile, layered, inwardly reflective and intimate in scale, at times my work invites the viewer to touch or manipulate it.  It is labour intensive, encompassing the techniques of printmaking, hand stitch, encaustic and assemblage.  I am responsive to the materials used, embracing the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (in simple terms; an aesthetic of imperfection, beauty in ageing and the ordinary), within my pieces.

My unique works are often housed within a vessel, an artist’s book or simply installed as unframed wall-pieces.  The challenge of presenting my work beyond the walls of the traditional gallery setting is an integral part of my process.

  • Curriculum Vitae
    Peta Lloyd Works on paper: assemblage: books: textile: encaustic Postal address “Toad Hall” 122 Coowonga Road Coowonga QLD Australia 4702 mobile 0417 738 039 web email Instagram Facebook
  • Education
    2014 Artist Transformation School - Auspicious Arts Incubator Melbourne 2007 TAFE Diploma of Visual Arts Central Queensland 1996 Bachelor of Community Welfare James Cook University Townsville
  • Employment History
    2016 – present Full time self-employed artist and tutor 2007 – 2015 Part time self-employed artist and tutor 2019 - 2022 Workshops presented: Capricornia National Seniors Inc, Youth Arts Yeppoon, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Buderim Craft Cottage, Bower-bird Studio, Emu Park Gallery, Capricornia Printmakers Inc Blarney Books & Art, St Brendan’s Collage & my own studio 2018 Rockhampton Regional Council Community workshops, Rockhampton Art Gallery, Emu Park Art Gallery, TAFTA, WAFTA, Capricornia Printmakers Inc, Workshops at my studio 2017 Rockhampton Regional Council Community Workshops, ‘Big Day Out’ Child Care Centre, Peregian Springs, ROMP in the Park, The Mill and Emu Park Gallery 2017 series of Workshops, Capricornia Printmakers Workshops, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery 2016 Tutor for Fibre arts Ballarat and Whanganui NZ, Mildura Artist group, Rockhampton Regional Council Community workshops, Allies Child Care Centre, ROMP in the Park, Rockhampton River Festival, Capricornia Printmakers Inc. TAFTA and Primrose Paper Arts Sydney 2015 Tutor for Rockhampton Regional Council Community workshops, Workshop Rockhampton, The Mill Gallery workshop series 2015, Wrapt in Rocky Retreat, artist, (part of a team of 3) for Rocky River Festival – Big Draw – installation, ROMP in the Park –(part of a team of 5 artists). 2014 - 2007 Tutor for Creative Capricorn Community Workshops, Artists Books Catholic Education, Capricornia Printmakers – Monoprint &Drypoint etching, Tutor for Primrose Paper Arts – Fibre Arts Aus, Artist’s Books, Printmaking, Mackay Printbank - Nature Journals, collagraphs, artist’s books, Biloela Artists, Queensland Cancer Fund, Catholic Education Rockhampton.
  • Residencies
    2020 Central Queensland Regional Arts Network – one month At Home Residency
  • Solo Exhibitions
    2015 The Crocodile Series’ Rockhampton Gallery- Artists Books & Prints.
  • Selected Group Exhibitions
    2022 Selected as a finalist in the 2022 Libris Award 2021 Ambitious Dali- Brisbane Institute of Art, ‘Neighbourhood’ Capricornia Printmakers, ‘This is Latitude 23’ L23 Inc, Double Exposure, ‘ Turning Point’ Emu Park Art Gallery, Biblio Art Prize. 2020 Queensland Regional Art Awards - online, CQU Creates-online, ‘Water’-Capricornia Printmakers, Biblio Art Prize 2019 Double Exposure 4, Bayton Award Rockhampton Art Gallery, CQU Creates, 10 Artists Living in Livingstone, Rockhampton River Festival, ‘Omnium Gatherum’- Blarney Books & Art, Port Fairy Victoria, ‘Off the Wall’ Capricornia Printmakers Inc, The Mill gallery, the Emu Park Art Gallery 2018 Crossing Borders-Timeless Textiles, Newcastle, Singularity- Capricornia Printmakers, ReCollected, Collection Intervention – Rockhampton Art Gallery, Double Exposure lll, Flying Arts - Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts Brisbane, Mill Gallery Yeppoon, Emu Park Gallery Emu Park. 2017 ‘Beautifully Mundane’ Rockhampton Art Gallery, Caravan of Curiosities, Gympie ‘Classic Editions’ Yeppoon, ‘Double Exposure II’- Rockhampton ‘Caravan of Curiosities’ exhibition and regional tour Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Rockhampton ‘FOR LEASE’ Space 2016 ‘Narrative’ – Capricornia Printmakers, ‘Caravan of Curiosities’ exhibition and Regional Tour 2016 – 2017 Inkmasters Cairns, Double Exposure – Capricornia Printmakers & Rockhampton Camera Club, Reflections on a Cyclone TC Marcia – Rockhampton, A Collection – The Lost Ones Gallery Victoria, 10 Artists Living in Livingstone – Yeppoon 2016 Biblio Award 2016- Port Fairy Victoria, Emu Park Art Gallery – member’s exhibitions, RAW - Rockhampton 2015 The Mill Gallery - Members Exhibitions, Bayton Award – Rockhampton Art Gallery, Bimblebox 153 Birds – Brisbane CQU creates – Rockhampton, Capricornia Printmakers Exhibition 4, River Fest Exhibition, Biblio Award – Port Fairy Victoria Big Draw – Rockhampton River Festival 2014 - 2006 Various exhibitions in Queensland
  • Collections
    2019 Central Queensland University 2016 Central Queensland University 2015 Central Queensland University, State Library Queensland 2014 Central Queensland University 2013 Rockhampton Art Gallery 2012 Rockhampton Art Gallery 2011 Artspace Mackay 2008 State Library Queensland
  • Publications
    2021 Delving Deeper into Visual Language 2015 ‘Stitch Stories’ by Cas Holmes
  • Awards
    2017 Biblio Art Award 2016 CQU Creates – Vice Chancellors Award 2015 The Bayton Award-highly commended, Biblio Art Award 2014 CQU Creates – Vice Chancellors Award
  • Public Art
    2107 Drawn to Life and Newsprint’s and Paste-Up’s 2016 River Dreamweaving- Collaborative event-based public art project 2015 Big River Draw- Collaborative event-based public art project Rockhampton River Festival 2013 TRACE: Art, poetry and the built environment - Collaborative event- public art Rockhampton Botanic Gardens
  • Memberships
    NAVA Flying Arts Capricornia Printmakers Inc – President 2012 – March 2015 Arts Central Qld Inc Queensland Inc Latitude 23 Arts Inc The Emu Park Art Gallery Keppel Coast Arts, The Print Council
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